Community owners did not buy a car to drive home to stop the door

Property companies are not allowed to enter the district
Gold reporter (Reporter Li Guangzheng) "Because I did not buy a parking lot, the property company did not let me send air to the car into the district." Recently, the optical Valley, a district owner complained that Ms. Zou said. Reporters on-site interview found that the owners of the district to drive home, but also blocked by security outside. Optical Valley 8 district in the optical Valley Avenue and Luo Yu East Road intersection, part of which is also building, and other commercial housing and shops. Ms. Zou home in the 2 7. 2 this month, Ms. Zou home to buy air-conditioning arrival, property companies are not allowed to send trucks into the district. Property said that since May 1, the district no longer allow temporary vehicles parked, only to buy the parking spaces of the owners, in order to drive into the district, parked in the underground parking lot; foreign vehicles are not allowed to enter, no owners to buy parking spaces, Can not drive into the district. In desperation, Ms. Zou's father had to go downstairs to carry air conditioning into it. "In the future there are a lot of home appliances to send over, this is not too humane?" Ms. Zou said the property company to do so, is to force the owners to buy parking spaces. Subsequently, the reporter came to the district, found the door of the notice posted at the door, said recently, many owners have purchased parking spaces reflect the parking spaces are often occupied by foreign vehicles, in order to protect the right to use the owners of the parking spaces, decided to cancel any form Of the temporary parking, visiting vehicles can be parked in front of Building 6 in the commercial square. Reporters found the district underground parking lot, found inside is very open, has been sold, hanging license plate number parking spaces are not many. Owners said that if the parking spaces have been sold to install the lock, you can prevent other vehicles occupy the property companies are not allowed to enter the district, will only lead to more owners dissatisfaction. Reporters contacted the residential property company, the other side of the statement consistent with the contents of the notice, and said the parking spaces belong to the developer, should ask them. Reporters also contact the developer, the other side said that the underground parking spaces are the management and sale of property companies in charge of doubt should find the property. According to the contract between the property company and the owner, the property company to provide services for the owners, which does not allow the owners to drive into the district's behavior is not the same as the owner of the landlord, Legal basis.

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